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Ladies Delight- Autographed by Patricia M. Goins


The third book in the powerful Love House series...

Turning Ladies Delight into a successful female singing group has always been Kacess'ion, Tabitha, and Sabrina's dream. The girls believe they're finally on their way to fame and fortune when Tyrone Davis, the owner of Showdown Productions, signs Ladies Delight to a recording contract. However, things start to get shaky when the very handsome Tyrone Davis decides he wants Kacess'ion to be his new woman and plans to make her the star of the group. Will Tabitha and Kacess'ion's lesbian love affair survive Tyrone's advances? Can Sabrina handle being in Kacess'ion's shadow? Will the authorities find out who's been sending Tabitha death threats before it's too late? The price of fame and fortune may be more than Ladies Delight bargained for when jealousy, greed, lust, and betrayal threatens to tear the group apart. Hold on to your seat as The Love House saga continues.

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