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The Livingston Corner- Online Story

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on November 2, 2019 at 2:55 PM

I started writing this online story a few years ago on Facebook. I figured I would bring it to my own sites and start back writing again. First please allow me to introduce myself. I am Patricia Goins. I'm an author Indie Filmmaker, radio host, mother of 4 beautiful children, and the founder of Around The World Media. Now days, I am enjoying nursing and writing. Nothing fancy. I use to chase the entertainment Industry. But just like any abused person, at some point, you wake up and decide enough is enough. Follow along with me as I continue to write on a new story called The Livingston Corner. After I lay down the foundation today, I'll try to come back every day or atleast a few times a week and add more to the story. If you would like to order any of my previous books you can visit the webstore of this site or my other website or just go to your local bookstore... Anyway... Let's get started.

Series Title: The Livingston Corner


Paul Thomas had everything going for him. He came from a prominent family of doctors and lawyers. His parents spared no expense for their only son. Not only was he good looking, but he was also a popular college football quarterback and had been crowned "1995's Home Coming King" and "Most Likely To Succeed at CMH University. Not to mention he was dating Katrina Spencer, one of CMH University's prettiest, most popular, and wealthiest cheerleaders.

Just about everyone either loved or envied Paul. The summer of 1995, Paul's parents bought him a brand new, fully loaded BMW as a gift for getting accepted into medical school and graduating from CMH University with a 3.75 GPA. Determined to enjoy his summer. Paul and his college buddies from Ohio, decide to take his new car on a trip to Atlanta for Freaknik.

Paul's entire life changes in the blink of an eye when he and his friends get into a car accident in Atlanta. The horrible accident claims the lives of two of his friends and leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. Due to the seriousness of his medical condition, his Dr. refuses to allow him to be transported back home to Chicago, and instead has him transferred from the hospital straight to "The Livingston Corner Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center" in Atlanta for 6 months of physical and occupational therapy.

On the outside, The Livingston Corner looked just like any other acute care nursing home. But on the inside it was more like a Ghetto-Circus. Come take a journey with me as I write a new series on Aound The World Media that will make you laugh, cry, get angry, get excited, and become inspired.

Copyright 2019

It's almost the end of 2019. Time to set things in motion..

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on October 26, 2019 at 3:55 AM

It's almost the end of 2019. We are in the forth quarter. It's time to start winding things down, getting those dreams started, and get ready for what the next journey of life has waiting on us. I've been missing in action for the last few years from this site, but I 've decided that it's time to get back to doing what I love to do without restrictions. So I'm back to doing me...  I've released a new book called The Symbol. It's not my typical type of book but it came to me in a dream.  I'll try to write about something new and interesting to the blog  everyday just so I can get back into writing again. anyway.. Welcome back... P.S If you are a member, you can write posts too... Tell us what's on your mind...

Peace & Love,

Patricia M. Goins

The End Of Another Year

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on December 29, 2016 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (62)

Well 2016 is almost over. It has been a very interesting and exciting year for me I must say. I really enjoyed it. I mean I had my regular amount of ups and downs just like everyone else, but overall, I must say that 2016 was a wonderful year. I have alot to be thankful for. I started a new radio show, moved into a new home, one of my chidlren graduated from highschool. Alot of good things happened that far outway the bad.

We lost alot of celebreties this year which was kind of heart breaking.

What about you. How has your year been?

Swingerz- an erotica novel about Swingers

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on April 15, 2015 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (4)

Swingerz- a novel about a wife who's willing to do anything to save her marriage.


"I can't believe I'm actually going through with this." Leslie Johnson whispered as she waited in the truck for her husband to lock the front door. "A swingers club? I must be losing my mind." She said to herself as she nervously played with her hair.

Leslie had dealt with years of Ed’s infidelities. Right when the flame of one affair had finally died, it seemed like another one was on the grill. When the last woman he had an affair with tried to run Leslie over with her car, Ed had finally agreed to go to marriage counseling.

A lot came out in the counseling sessions. One major secret her husband had kept hidden all these years was his sexual addiction.

Desperate to save her 8 year marriage to her childhood sweetheart, she agreed to go to a swingers club, but nothing in Leslie’s wildest imagination could have prepared her for this new journey….

Now available at



2014 Superwoman Thanksgiving Bash and Video Shoot In Chicago, Illinois

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on December 31, 2014 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

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Superwoman Thanksgiving Bash

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on October 25, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Ladies Delight by Patricia M. Goins

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on October 17, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Turning Ladies Delight into a successful female singing group has always been Kacess’ion, Tabitha, and Sabrina’s dream. The girls believe they’re finally on their way to fame and fortune when Tyrone Davis, the owner of Showdown Productions, signs Ladies Delight to a recording contract. However, things start to get shaky when the very handsome Tyrone Davis decides he wants Kacess’ion to be his new woman and plans to make her the star of the group. Will Tabitha and Kacess’ion’s lesbian love affair survive Tyrone’s advances? Can Sabrina handle being in Kacess’ion’s shadow? Will the authorities find out who’s been sending Tabitha death threats before its too late? The price of fame and fortune may be more than Ladies Delight bargained for when jealousy, greed, lust, and betrayal threatens to tear the group apart. Hold on to your seat as The Love House saga continues. Love series continues.

To prove it were back on Twitter

Posted by Haag on March 18, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Our efforts at the center are on-going to be able to initiate more collaborative projects to tackle essential energy and environment related issues. Randolph Embrey, 77, who has lived in Rectortown his very existence. You'd have to ask Kate Atkinson, but I doubt she would give  you a  straight answer. Two new condos report robust sales, just months after a storm left the region in tatters.
An architect uses succulents to decorate blown-glass globes.
The eight-year ban effectively ends Zarooni's profession in racing, after three seasons as one of the actual Godolphin operation's two principal trainers. For Pope Francis to change the Vatican, he must tame a hierarchy whose divisions are run like medieval fiefs and in whose supplicants vie for access and influence. US sportsNBABasketballMiami HeatBoston CelticsLos Angeles LakersPhiladelphia 76ersNew You are able to KnicksLeBron JamesDallas MavericksAtlanta HawksHunter Feltguardian.
The first championship game in the College Football Playoff will probably be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex. Thanks, Roy.
To claim Thatcher in a one-line sentence as "My other mother" is a  hollow shock effect. It was handed in by his housekeeper. "Would you like an HIV test at this time. He doesn't beat about the bush".
The surrealness of the moment was heightened by the fact in the ad, Darrell was wearing the stubborn, "Don't mess with me" expression he adopted a long time before becoming a Hollywood actor; it first appeared when he was two and refused to accomplish my bidding. "This research environment is so rich in opportunities to collaborate with experts you could let the science questions pull you in directions there is a constant thought you would go.
â?????I hope the course makes you think about yourself and your friends in another way than you ever did before. Davis said that the Liberal Democrats shouldn't be allowed to hold up the referendum. It's aimed at deepening a general knowledge of fundamental ocean-atmospheric mechanisms that will be used repeatedly in many areas of future academic examine. And in fairness, they do look funny. Opposition plans large-scale demonstrations on Sunday, with some hoping army may step directly into facilitate transition of powerEgypt is holding it's breath for mass demonstrations to mark the very first anniversary of President Mohamed Morsi's election upon Sunday, amid speculation the army might intervene in case of large-scale civil unrest. -- Stephanie D.
Geramifard believes that this approach captures something about how precisely human beings learn to perform new duties.

Cameron, she said, seemed to be very interested in understanding, â?????How does MIT do it successfully. GamesSamsungSmartphonesAndroidKeith Stuartguardian. We didn't know where to go. JA Happ's scary moment.
And to finish.
â?????These two aspects are really important: preventing cartilage degradation after injury and, if the cartilage is

already damaged beyond its power to be repaired, replacing it, â???? Grodzinsky says. â?????This algorithm can be used to update do you know the events â?????? in real time

â?????? which are the most dangerous. A choropleth map of the area might show that there was clearly a cluster of cholera cases, but it might not, depending on where the boundaries are attracted.
Sarah Polley reveals more about herself than she might have realised in this complex documentary love-letter to be able to her parentsThis tender, painful, intimate film is the work of Canadian acting professional and director Sarah Polley.
â?????This is a very simplistic model. Consider, for instance, the network-administration problem.
First, the economic recession is no excuse for delaying action to deal with climate change. Secretary of Defense and a member with the Obama campaign's national security working group, have held a series of meetings inside the Hague and Vienna with Iranian officials, under the auspices of the Pugwash team (Pugwash, founded in 1957 by an international number of scientists close to their national governments, received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1995 because of its persistent efforts to limit the threat of nuclear war as well as the elimination of nuclear weapons). Levine asked his contributors to explore the thought of "secular enchantment", a phrase that plays on sociologist Maximum Weber's assertion that modernity was characterised simply by Entzauberung, or disenchantment.
â?????I really enjoy the

hands-on work, â???? she said. The allegations made by both American and Iraqi witnesses inside the Guardian/BBC

documentary, for the first time implicates US advisers within the human rights abuses committed by the commandos. Schumann - Dichterliebe, Liederkreis & Corelli - Concerti Grossi Op. Less than 5% of mobile users paid out to download games, and that 5% churned a lot: people had one bad experience then didn't try again for a couple of years.
A start-up company called uMoove says it'll offer eye and head tracking to anybody, including device makers like Apple and programmers who make mobile apps.
Richard A. Lawmakers embarked Tuesday on an uphill battle to delay a controversial law that could reduce the fees banks receive from merchants every time a debit card is swiped.
â?????But phonons of heat only travel for nanometers [billionths of the meter].
We call upon our sisters around the entire world to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves and also realize their full potential. Working with this profile, then, matching algorithms come up with recommendations for designs to support the residents' needs. In last week's Guardian's Media Talk podcast, the controller of BBC4, Richard Klein, did his best to paint a  rosy picture of The Review Show's future around the new channel.
We think that actually nature is a really, very strong screenwriter.
Staying in London, and yet more talk of Chelsea's want to sign Wayne Rooney. â?????We wanted to make sure children were alert to how creative mathematics can be, â???? says Dimas, a graduate student in civil and environment engineering. Defense giant Northrop Grumman said Monday that it's pulling out of the $40 billion competition to create aerial refueling tankers for the Air Pressure, a move that defense analysts and procurement specialists say leaves its rival Boeing because the likely winner. At present, delivery of most of the 800, 000 babies born each year in

great britain is followed by early clamping, after which the cord is cut and also the baby is briefly assessed before being came back to its mother. It

was the book of the long term. "It's

commonsense, crucial for protecting consumer choice, and important for ensuring we continue to achieve the vibrant, competitive wireless market that delivers innovative

products and solid service to fulfill consumers' needs, " said the White House senior agent for internet, innovation and privacy, R David Edelman, in a statement.

Others in the 180-student class have the
choice of spending the semester designing an electric powered vehicle or an underwater vehicle. 2) = 0. What would be the interest in a good unfinished film, other than a rather fghtes56 inside River.
Of late, it was on Facebook - which features 5 million users in Egypt, the most in the Arab world - where youthful outrage within the killing of a prominent activist spread, leading to "Using materials science to find solutions to be able to water challenges is unusual. Cristiano Ronaldo has celebrated dozens of targets at Old Trafford but Tuesday's winner with regard to Real Madrid against Manchester United was initially he held up his hands in apology following scoring. In his final season with the group, Glackin competed in 16 regattas as any skipper and majored in mathematics and management science using a concentration in Spanish. That's602, 200, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000So in 5 grams of water there will be 5/18ths?? of this number which is: 167, 300, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000In other words: a lot. It teases you with Facebook, dangles your favourite TV show in

top of you, and convinces you that now really is an excellent time to read the Song of Glaciers and Fire saga.
You don't have to fly solo. â???¢ 'I think it is unfair to talk of the cyclical change, ' says midfielderâ???¢ Iniesta vows side gives their all in second leg against BayernAndr??©s Iniesta has dismissed the idea Barcelona are at the conclusion of an era following their 4-0 Champs League mauling by Bayern Munich. You allow that but don't allow significant work.
99 a year and has space for 25k songs, with purchases from its iTunes downloads store not counting from the total. By targeting amino acids in

such organizations, vaccine designers may be able to stop the virus's escape route.
"On some occasions, we have had to point out to developers that the hole 20m deep and 30m wide is bigger than a house, " Cooper says. As she herself

puts it, â?????being in an Edgerton Club puts an individual ahead in a project class â?????? you discover ways to approach real problems and learn how to consider technically. But deciding just how to do so is not any trivial matter. Read more about the event The UK government is failing

technology entrepreneurs

and won't have a coherent strategy to support the commercialisation of technology innovation in britain, MPs have warned. warships fired more than 110 Tomahawk missiles directly into Libyan territory Neither Patel nor David Haigh, deputy chief executive of GFH Capital, the subsidiary fund that actually bought Leeds, have said with whom they are settling, or on what terms.
'I think that's the effect a thriller is wearing you really; it leaves

you dying to know what goes on next. Watson said that BT has "deep pockets" but that it'll be "strict" over

what the company looks to fund rights. 34pm: And the winner is: The Room, an iOS puzzle game that's heavy upon atmosphere and light on scarves.
Seen from more than a few millimeters apart, however, the interference of the antennas' phase-shifted beams produces a far more intricate image.
Ieng Sary was part of an

interior circle of communists who led the movement that caused the deaths of just one. Wherever vaccination

rates are lower an outbreak is achievable. "The secretary of state joked that "any recommendation from me might blight its chances". Lehigh guard C. Gideon, Robert and Claire form an intriguing trio in the centre of the book, but the real

interest lies elsewhere, in Buckley's panoramic depiction of the community of Castelluccio itself. But this is not always possible.
"They will not know the terrain, our tactics, not even the local languages. "This year's Melbourne queer film festival operates from 14 to 24 March, while the Brisbane iteration is staged in between 5 and 14 April. It can be pricey, so some experts advise people to change data roaming off before they leave great britain. Overall, cyber-attacks were up 42% in 2012. Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin became the very first Crimson player to reach the N.
â?????What can we unearth about these accidents to

stop further accidents.
So yes, I think the movement has stalled. British officials warned the colonial secretary, George Hall: "The Jewish public â???¦ endorsed the attitude of its leaders that terrorism is really a natural consequence of the general policy associated with His Majesty's Government", including turning away ships carrying "illegal" Judaism immigrants.
â???? Journal of the American Chemical Culture, vol.
Would they be violating the Whaling Meeting.
Portugal's continued drive to modernize and diversify its economy offer possibilities for growth in U. He made his Champions League debut within September 2010, taking charge of a group match in between Rubin

Kazan and Barcelona that ended 1-1 and by which both goals came via penalties.
Over the past few

decades, scientists have developed many devices that can easily reopen clogged arteries, including angioplasty balloons and metallic stents. The love-scare affair with zombies is exploited

all over again in â?????World War Z, â???? with Brad Pitt as the hero trying to save the world in addition to his family.
And this is part of

why we're capable of tackle important problems. In fact, the natural decay of organic carbon contributes a lot more than 90 percent of the yearly carbon dioxide launched into Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Google's rivals have been given one month to

measure the search giant's proposed antitrust remedies, the European Commission announced Thursday. The main news is that David Beckham is at the quarter-finals of Big Cup. The Daily News reports Beatie had a decade of sexual reassignment therapy, including chest reconstruction surgery. â?????We're showing that there is a next fundamental state for magnetism, â???? says MIT professor of physics Younger Lee. The app, which would stream programming to the mobile phones and tablets of cable and satellite clients, could become available to some subscribers in 2010.
In a letter of condolence to the folks of Venezuela, Iran's president struck a note of interfaith a harmonious relationship, expressing confidence that Hugo Ch??¡vez would end up being resurrected, along with Jesus and the Hidden Imam. Instead, after qualifying as a medical doctor in

the Sorbonne in Paris in 1947, he turned to research and, within 20 years, had emerged as a world leader inside bacterial genetics. She was 91. "Silver says

about half of the rest vote in line with the economy â?????? which is easy to fold right into a prediction â?????? and so only 5% folks voters need tracking, and polls help out there.
"Before, architecture led the way.
The oddest thing about the abuse will be this sense of betrayal. What can be said with certainty is actually that Cuneyt Cakir, a 36-year-old insurance agent from Istanbul, has gone straight into page one regarding Ferguson's

little black book of refereeing demonology, just above David Elleray, Martin Atkinson and all the others. For those who don't like math, that's $.

But what is most enduring about Cummings military experienc

Posted by Haag on March 18, 2014 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)

09pm: Randy Pitchford takes to the stage to be able to introduce the award for audio achievement. “We want to bequeath [opportunities] to the youth. Face valueTo create the models, Radovitzky and his students collaborated with Donald Moore, a neurologist at the Defense and Veterans Mind Injury Center at Walter Reed Army Clinic, who used magnetic resonance imaging to model options that come with the head. Having said that - Develop's programming did resemble the company track of GDC much more than it covered other facets of the industry. These rocky

conglomerations are relatively small as well as light, with voids and cracks in their interiors that produce them very porous.
His elegant U-turns are an artistic pleasure to behold. The dangers associated with working in highly radioactive aspects of Fukushima Daiichi prompted the World Health Organisation (WHO) to warn the other day that one-third of the plant's workers face a heightened risk of developing thyroid cancer, leukaemia and all solid cancers during their particular lifetimes.

Surfing the Internet is often cited like a cause of sedentary living. Lambert's own position could hardly be better, despite the fact that Villa remain just one place above the bottom three.
I worked with Jimmy Savile

in 1978 once we co-presented the Nationwide skateboard contest.
" Griffin pauses, then concludes: "Mainly happy endings.
World Baseball ClassicUS sportsMLBBaseballVenezuelaHugo ChávezUnited StatesSteve Busfieldguardian. Englishman John Parry built on a current improvement in form to card an eight-under par 64 and have a one-shot lead in the opening round with the Scottish Open in Inverness on Thursday.
It was understandable that when the Royal Society was create there was no democracy and no constitutional monarchy, you needed royal support, especially if you were doing something that seemed at that time a bit revolutionary.
In the latest installment of the Intersection road stylse video series, we head up to Burnside and Grand Avenues within the Bronx and met residents who draw style inspiration from Rihanna for the 4 train. Fighting between the country's military and Islamic extremists killed no less than 185 people in a fishing community within the northeast, officials

said Sunday. And the more possibilities we see within our own surroundings. Insults such as "slut, " '"slag" and "sket" were the usual. This is a book you can connect to. Historically, researchers have tried to decrease isobutanol creation in yeast, because it can ruin the flavor regarding wine and beer.
Since then the UK has been managing the RAF's five Reaper aircraft from Creech airforce bottom in Nevada because the British military did not are capable to fly them from here.
On the technical side, it advances work the company has made in your community of running Hadoop nodes on virtualized facilities, bringing the benefits of virtualization

to the actual big data platform. I was hooked. Now,

as a faculty member

in MIT's Section of Architecture, in the School of Architecture and Organizing, Reinhart's work is evolving, by surveying light in entire communities at the same time. For instance, that continuously heated lecture hall can be surrounded by heavily used offices in order that someone benefits from the warm air even if the lecture hall is empty.
look good, too. Romney's Presidential Campaign, Camp USA, and as Cambridge Ward 2 Republican Panel Chair. It's not that difficult.
It seems that modern Euro-American children have got two unusual food-related experiences: first,   they don't have early autonomy with regard to food; and second, they do experience eating problems.
But that doesn't always work.
The Securities and Exchange Commission accused IBM upon Friday of

bribing government officials in Southern Korea with cash payments and free personal computers. The bride is a litigation associate in a New York law firm; the groom is a portfolio manager from an investment management firm.
She simply sailed calmly round the road blocks, her Treasury training coming in most helpful. BioTower is on a mission to disperse agriculture by allowing people to grow fresh vegetables and fruit in their homes.
 She explained that mercury levels in the Earth have

increased greatly as a result of burning of fossil fuels, cement production and more. The couple met at Emory University. When a player retaliates he gets punished probably the most.
If there are unclaimed plots of land inside your region, you can build additional cities and reveal resources between them. This woman is not breathing enough.
He and another killer had to search for a grand house on the outskirts of Baghdad.
Building any large structure

across a water will disturb the natural flow, so there will always be some enviromentally friendly issue. That red shirt is starting to seem ruthless on Sunday again.
Unwittingly this fine and moving book reveals the maximum amount of about the limitations of neuropsychology as in regards to the scope of human memory. Now, it seems, 'dolphins' are the new demographic being promoted to. ”Xiao adds, “This is a great example of just how fundamental research can significantly improve our understanding to eliminate challenges in practical devices. Barbara IsaacsDirector of national strategies, Montessori Early years educationSchoolsMichael GoveParentsguardian. For a single adult, the return price would drop from £32. Varanasi and his group have developed fresh nano-engineered, multi-structured highly wetting

coatings to solve this issue. The decision my husband, Phil, and I made last year -- to offer our high-rise condo in a friendly and lively section of North Bethesda and move to a retirement community -- was some of those instances.
I had written about philanthropy, but had never worked in a base before. 6bn of annual funding, to the relief of many in the study community, who had been braced for cuts as high as 30%.
The vehicles are the 2013 Nissan Altima, Leaf, Pathfinder, Sentra and Infiniti JX35.
But then it changed everybody's life.
"From a policy point of view, the signs that the UK economy might be growing, albeit weakly, are probably enough to put to rest any chance the Bank of England would expand QE within May, " said David Tinsley at BNP Paribas. The fear is that one of these previously inactive faults could possibly be triggered. Such technoptimists believe that as computers develop, so will we. “Conceptually, inhibition by subtraction and division is an extremely nice distinction, ” says Tony Zador, a professor of neuroscience at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory who was not mixed up in research.
Providers also failed to meet the contractual benchmark to get young people aged 18-24 off unemployment advantage and into jobs, and marginally missed the minimum target to get jobless clients aged over 25 into continual work.
But the process seems to ignore the ethical and interpersonal implications of those rapid developments, and its powerful datasets are inadvertently creating a lot more controversial insights. It wasn't (and isn't) merely me. After the talk, audiences of all ages — the most youthful still in elementary school — flocked {-String.Split

Swingers- An Erotica story...Warning Explicit Adult Content

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on September 20, 2013 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (2)     


Everyone knows that I'm an author and I love to write. Well I've started a new book with the help of Cafemom members of the Erotica group. Read the story and follow along as we create it one post at a time. Warning: Explicit Sexual Content. Copyright 2013.

" I can't believe I'm actually going through with this." Leslie whispered to herself as she waited for her husband to lock the front door and return to the car. "A swingers club? I must be losing my mind." She said as she opened the sun visor and looked in the mirror to inspect her makeup. She had promised Ed that she would do whatever it took to save their marriage. She'd dealt with years of his infidelities. Right when the flame of one affair had finally settled down, it seemed like another one was on the grill.

She loved her husband very much. He was everything she had dreamed her husband would be when she was a teenager. He was handsome with his curly hair and cute dimples. He had a sexy body with evidence of years of lifting weights. He was also very smart. As a law graduate of Harvard he'd been in the top 5% of his class. His father, who had been a well known lawyer for many years, promised to turn the prosperous law firm over to his only son upon his death. Her husband even showered her with expensive gifts and vacations . Not to mention that the sex was still amazing after 8 years of marriage. The only problem was that he just couldn't stay faithful. After the last girl he was in an affair with tried to kill Leslie by running her over with a car. Ed had finally agreed to go to counseling.

A lot came out in the counseling sessions. One major secret her husband had held from her was that he had been dealing with a sexual addiction. She began to feel sorry for him. So after years of battling to keep her husband for herself, Leslie finally decided to give in by agreeing to go to a swingers club with him. Ed assured her that as long as Leslie was with him, it couldn't be considered cheating.

"You ready to go baby?" Ed asked with a smile on his face as he got into the car and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. Leslie shook her head yes. Even the touch of his soft lips on her face still sent chills up her spine. She was so attracted to him. If only he could just have eyes for her.

When they finally reached "Jason's" a popular swinging club in Atlanta, Georgia, Leslie's stomach was doing somersaults.. After finding a parking space in the parking lot, Ed got out of the car and opened the car door for Leslie. She gave him a nervous smile as she took his hand and got out of the car.

"You look so beautiful tonight baby." Ed said smiling.

"Thank you baby." Leslie replied.

She noticed other couples walking toward the entrance and wondered if the women felt just like her. When they walked inside the building.. entry-by Cafemom goins1119

Coming December 2014..


Wow..Whats up With Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill?

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on September 8, 2013 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Wow.. What's brewing between Kendrick Lamar and all the old school rappers? Kendrick hit below the belt with a deep single that's calling today's popular rappers "Old". Meek Mills responds with a come back version and informs the rapping toddler that he's not old, he's a "BOSS." Wow check it out...

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Open Auditions for the 2013 Chicago Fall Fest!!!!

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on September 7, 2013 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Check out the promo for the 2013 Chicago Summer Fest. AC Styles won the Grand Prize to Open For Shawnna on August 2, 2013

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Around The World Media Grand Prize Winner AC Styles Posing With National Recording Artist Shawnna After

The Concert on August 2, 2013.

Around The World Media's goal is to assist artists with perfecting their talent through workshops and events. While at the same time, providing them with the ability to showcase their talent and gain new fans from around the world.

Mariah Carey Shuts Down Wild N Out When She Caught Nick Cannon Flirting!

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on August 25, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Checkout the clip below if you missed it. What would you do if you caught your husband or boyfriend cheating with another woman?

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West Or Southside of Chicago? Where Should We Have The Afterparty?

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on June 30, 2013 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (1)

We are planning the 2013 Chicago Summerfest networking afterparty. We would like to hear from you. What side of town do you think would be best? The Westside or the Southside?

Doing What You Love To Do.

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on March 18, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (2)

I feel like I am finally walking in my destiny. I am doing what I love to do. You know that you are doing what you were born to do when you do it without caring about how much you will get paid to do it. You get up everyday and do that certain something as if payday is every other friday even though you know that no money is scheduled to arrive in your bank account from doing this certain something that you love.. The cool thing is that when you are doing what you were born to do, your craft and talent will make room for you and sooner or later, that empty bank account will become full from doing what you love to do. What would you love to do everyday wether you got paid or not?


Posted by Patricia M. Goins on March 14, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Yesterday on Around The World Radio the topic was jealousy. Courtney Brinson and Sky Keeton asked our guest Syreeta Shanee and Clinton Portis how they felt about jealousy in relationships. If you missed the show  you can listen to it again on on March 14th 8:00pm EST, What are your thoughts about jealousy in relationships? Do you believe that a certain amount of jealousy is healthy? How do you react to outburst of jealousy within your own relatonships?

What do Women Want

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on March 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (2)

On Around The World Radio this past week we talked about what women want. We had alot of different opinions of what women want. What do you think women want?

If your best friend won would you be pissed?

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on December 17, 2011 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

If you and your best friend auditioned for a role in a movie that you REALLY wanted and your best friend won the role would you be mad? Would your friendshsip change? How would you handle this?

How would you handle this?

Posted by Courtney Y. Brinson on December 16, 2011 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (2)

If you were at a casting party with your mate and three FINE men/ or women cant stop flirting with you. You try to avoid them but they are just soooooo FINE...How would you handle this?

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to be in movies?

Posted by Patricia M. Goins on December 16, 2011 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (6)

Tell the visitors of Around The World Media about yourself and what made you want to become an actor or actress.